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Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY - Custom Phone Case

by: Ashley

My mom decided that the only thing she wanted for her birthday this year was a custom phone case.  Say what? This exists... like you can choose your own design and pictures for your phone case??? Yes, I know, this is totally rocking your world...

So I created one for her on the Case-Mate website.  Now she carries around her phone with a gorgeous picture of... moi!! Ok just kidding... I put a picture of her grandchildren on it :)

I was a little nervous about it.  You know how sometimes you order photo gifts and they don't quite come out how you imagine.  I had fears that the pictures would be grainy or the colors would come out all wacky.  But O.M.G. I was ridiculously pleasantly surprised.  The colors came out so vibrant (the pictures were of the kiddos outside in the grass and bluebonnet fields) and the resolution on it looks awesome.

I have one suggestion for you (and it's what I did).  They have multiple layouts so you can put more than one picture, but I didn't like the layouts.  So instead I created my own layout.  I used Picnik (which is sadly closing) to create my own collage, and just used the one image layout on the Case-Mate website.

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