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About Us

Two years we were going to start a blog called "Dateless in Dallas."  We even bought a Flip camera to video tape our adventures...concerts, vacations, and bad first dates. Well just as we were enjoying documenting our singleness, life happened as it always does.  We  both met two wonderful guys who took us on a different type of journey.  So here we are two girls... no longer dateless in Dallas, but on a completely new adventure. 

Ashley is newly engaged, and completely wrapped up in planning a wedding and decorating her new house with her honey.

Danielle is a new mommy and spends her free time (in between feeding and changing diapers) on new do it yourself crafts and cooking for her family.

It's taken both us time to adjust from the life of "Dallas' Most Eligible" to a "Real Housewives" lifestyle.  But we are getting there and enjoying it!!! So we hope you enjoy our posts and welcome any comments or suggestions!