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Friday, May 4, 2012

Trip Review - Hot Springs, AR

Hey guys... the blogging has been taking the back burner to wedding planning :(  But I decided to post a quick little review of our trip to Hot Springs.  I had never been before.  Being up in the mountains was so beautiful!!! 

Here's a few pictures from the downtown area:

These pictures were taken on Bath Row.  The bath houses were built over the natural hot springs!! There's so much history this small little town.  The one pictured above is Quapaw Bath house.  

Hot Springs is definitely the place you go when you want a relaxing weekend.  The people there are so nice and friendly and there's a variety of things to do - spa, hiking, live music.  By the way... does that mean I'm getting old when I enjoy a low-key romantic and relaxing weekend vs. a party weekend in Miami or Vegas??!! 

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