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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Low Cal Chocolate Cake!

By: Danie

I had been hearing about making chocolate cake without the eggs and oil!?! Ingenious, that is like all the calories. I must say I have tried using apple sauce instead of oil- in banana bread it was O.K. it made the bread really dense. So for this experiment I was a little skeptical but for a 180 calorie piece of cake I was open to trying.

Chocolate Cake Mix (Moist)
1 cup water
1 single serve non fat greek yogurt (4/5 oz)

So I mixed everything together and the consistancy was alot like a mousse and it tasted really sour...BLAH!

So I baked it according to the specifications on the box.

This delish looking cake came out. Now was the true test of the recipe...

It was fantastic!! So smooth and moist... the sour taste had vanished, like magic. I added some strawberries and whipped cream but it was still a low cal treat :)

How amazing that I didn't need oil or eggs for this cake mix and it tasted wonderful.

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