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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Naked and Famous Part II

Becoming a mom was amazing, it brings out this strength that you didn't know you had, physically and mentally. I often think back to when I was single and making my own schedule... go to bed at 4am on a Monday, don't mind if I do! Thinking about that now, I laugh because this tiny little boy now dictates EVERY aspect of my life. So when the opportunity arose to get out and have some fun with my bestie for the first time in 5 months, I said "Sign me up sister!"

Ashley and I excitedly set up our rendezvous point at Urban Taco aka "The Urb" to start our dance party night off with micheladas. Well how else do you start a dance party? The chips were salted just right and the salsa trio was FREE, yes I said FREE... How could this not be an epic night?

Riding on the high of free salsa and delicious Mexican delights we arrived at our destination, The Grenada, to see Naked and the Famous.  It was still fairly early when we arrived, just in time to catch some of the opener's opener. We rocked to the music and made jokes about getting older, we don't quite need the free ear plugs at the bar but they are in our near future. As the night wound down and we headed back to the car the daunting reality of our night hit. Our feet were really hurting, Ashley had to be up in five hours and there was no doubt in my mind that I would also have to be up in a few hours. With that being said, the night was still a success we got to relive our single girl days and have a good laugh about how life has turned out for us.

Our lives have definitely changed and we are certainly going to enjoy the ride!

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