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Monday, October 31, 2011

You Know How I Know We're Getting Older

Guess who went out for Halloween this year? These roaming gnomes! Yes, these not so single ladies braved the Dallas cold in our homemade arden gnome outfits. Ashley is newly engaged and Danie entered "the mommyhood" not too long ago, life has been busy to say the least. We were overjoyed at the opportunity to get out and have some fun. Our night was an eventful array of hopping bar to bar, people watching and meeting interesting creatures.

Let me preface this by letting you know, I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU (said in my best Agnes from Despicable Me voice)! The night started off slowly, with a staple bar we enjoyed in our single days. Compliments were coming left and right even with the sparse 10pm crowd, yes that is when our night started! It became apparent very quickly that we were over dressed for this party! It was around forty degrees yesterday night my friends. There were cute little {some not so little} co-eds in nearly nothing mini dresses, well I think its considered a dress? It covered most of their behinds. Which sent Ashley and I into the "you know how I know we are getting old" conversation. To get to the point I'll give you the highlights of the conversation.

5. We are covered from head to toe, literally.
4. Yes, we checked the forecast before heading out.
3. For Halloween we were not "sexy" gnomes.
2. We wore walking shoes.
1. There was no way we were paying $60 for something that had as much fabric as my five month old's onesie.

As the night went on we had some very colorful characters approach us and ask if we were any of the following...

5. David the Gnome
4. One of R.L. Steins creations {Goosebumps?}
3. Coneheads {What the what?!}
2. Elfs
1. Noddy {An Irish laddie informed us that this was one of the greatest cartoons that Ireland has ever seen, we think the emerald isle would appreciate if this gentleman, whom had butter knives taped to his wrist, would stop speaking on their behalf}

Reminiscing on the evening I cant help but laugh when I think about the guy who asked me if I could guess what he is. Well, I knew what he wanted to be, Kenny Powers... I didn't tell him that he actually looked like the lead singer of "Sexual Chocolate" from Coming to America {if the reference escapes you, click on the link}. This leads me to our list of costumes that were overdone.

5. Mario & Luigi {We didn't think it was possible}
4. Black Swan {Small disclaimer, it's really awesome if your makeup looked amazing or if you dress up as white swan and your BOYFRIEND dresses up like black swan, kudos to that couple}
3. Pocahottie {I am pretty sure we saw about seven and those are just the ones we saw}
2. Snookie {They were spitting images or her- tube tops as dresses, fur boots, rhinestone sunglasses and most of them were just as round as her ;)}
1.Napoli {In the wake of our unfortunate loss, this was inappropriate}

This leads me to the winner of the best costume award 2011, not quite sure what he was but he was creepy as all get out. Not only was our winner at least 6'5 but he was roaming around the bars alone and he moved like the wind, one minute he was there and the next he was gone. So when he walked past us in a bar, we seized the moment and decided to take our photo op.

Unfortunately our night had to come to an end but on a high note, our feet didn't hurt and we didn't complain about being tired- not even once! With the conclusion of every successful bar outing comes the 2am snack, I wont lie over the years it has been my favorite part of the night. Taco Bell tastes especially good after midnight and Ashley and I have come up with some of our greatest ideas at 2am in the Taco Bell line {Blogging being one of them}.

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