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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tissue + Liquid Latex = Flesh

Halloween is creeping up on us and everyone is trying to think of last minute costumes! We have one in mind for those who enjoy The Walking Dead, zombies and other fleshy creatures.

Tissue Paper 
Liquid Latex
Halloween Makeup
Makeup Sponge 

First you will need to get your tissue paper out and cut it into strips or squares depending on the effect you want to have. If you want a gash or large open wound you might want to use strips and for puncture wounds or pieces of hanging flesh you will want to use squares.

Next paint your pieces of tissue paper with liquid latex and let dry {you will need to do a few layers of liquid latex, dabbing is better}.

Finally you will need to take the dry pieces of "flesh" and put them where you want your rotting flesh to be, your face perhaps? To get the pieces to stay you will need to use the liquid latex {little word to the wise, test a little on your skin before using to make sure you aren't allergic; wouldn't want you to really look like a creature on Halloween}.

You can get super creative with this project! The flesh pieces are very versatile you can make it look like you have a gunshot wound:
Hollow out the center of a square piece of flesh, attach to your face with latex. Fill in the "gunshot wound" with fake blood and some black makeup and match the skin around to your skin tone and BAM BAM you've been shot!

You can really have some cheap Halloween fun with a little tissue paper and liquid latex. Get creative and show us what you come up with!

From The Roaming Gnomes 

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