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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Bedazzled Sandals!!

By: Danie

I found adorable sandals on pinterest they looked very expensive and very cute {of course I cant find them now!!}. They were my inspiration for bedazzling these plain jane shoes. The other shoes bow was fabric, I played around with changing up the bow but I wanted this to be an easy DIY.

This looks strikingly similar to the shoe I really loved but this shoe rings in at around $13. My guess is that it is waaay cheaper than the other pair ;) The shoes came from Charlotte Russe and the gems were standard craft store gems. The only thing I would change is the kind of glue I used {Craft Krazy Glue}, it doesn't dry all the way clear it kind of has this foggy look which effects the shimmer of the gems.

I know this wasn't terribly difficult but honestly I had never really thought about dressing up a cheapy pair of sandals before this project. It was well worth it because these came out great and what a deal, can't beat $13 dollars!

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