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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rustic Chic Engagement Party

by: Ashley

This past weekend I hosted my first "themed" party to celebrate the engagement of my blogging-partner-in-crime Danielle to her future husband Mike. With the help of the most awesome friends, it was a complete success!!! 

We chose to hold the party at this Pub downtown.  It has an awesome ambiance - brick walls and vintage pub tables.  The decorations were pretty simple but had just the right touch of rustic and chic.  On the back wall we hung tulle up with twine.  I made a banner using white cardstock and teal and white Martha Stewart glitter.  Oh and those letters were cut using the Cricut (that machine is a dream come true for all you DIYers).  Then I hot-glued the letters onto burlap squares and hung the squares up on the twine.    

For the flowers we went to Sam's and picked up baby's breath, daisies, and baby carnations.  We wanted that wild-flower-picked-right-off-the-highway kind of look.  The other jars had tea lights.  Next time I'd put a little bigger candle to give more light.  I loved how the light played off of the burlap.  

And if you love mason jars as much as the rest of us do, then I know you've seen these redneck wine glasses before:

So what do you guys think? Any steal worthy ideas? I hope this provides you all with some rustic inspiration for your next party!!

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