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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

by: Ashley

Howdy y'all! Anyone go all out last night? I enjoyed a couple pounds of crawfish and then... a nice big Juicy Lucy :)

"What's a Juicy Lucy" you say? Well it is an AMAZING creation where you put the cheese inside of the burger!!! Here's a picture (not my burger but close enough).  I actually found this picture over at A Good Appetite blog. 
Juicy Lucy

So I know I totally pigged out last night (crawfish and burger) but I realized that I wasn't going to have one last chance to eat a burger before I give it up for 40-something days.

Like many people, I typically give something up during Lent.  However, the last couple years, I’ve also tried to turn things around and do something good instead.  This year I want to focus on these three areas:
- Prayer (justice towards God)
- Fasting (justice towards self)
- Almsgiving (justice towards neighbor)

Prayer: For this area, I will read from the Bible daily.  YouVersion, which I’ve downloaded on my iPhone, has Bible Reading Plans.  I’ve selected one specifically for the season of Lent.   Let me know if you guys are on YouVersion too.  We can be friends on our profiles so that we can help motivate each other to keep up with our promises. 

Fasting: I am giving up red meat (this is a BIG deal for me). So this is why I indulged in a burger last night! So for 40 something days I am sticking with chicken and seafood. No more of my honey's awesome t-bone steaks :( 

Almsgiving: Each week during Lent I will give either time or money to a different charity.  I haven't picked these yet, so if you guys have one dear to your heart please let me know. 

When I was younger, I used to view Lent as just an opportunity to give up something that was bad for me anyway.  But the truth is that I should feel the sacrifice during Lent.  No, we will never truly understand the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us on that cross.  But we can honor it by trying to not live a life of gluttony.  

So what do you guys do to celebrate the season of Lent? 

By the way, if you are going to also pick up the Bible (a real one instead of on a smart phone or eReader) check out these cute paperclip bookmarks you can make:

You can find the tutorial here on How About Orange Blog

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