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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday: Detoxing 101

By: Danie

A lot of diets and work out plans start with a detox. Detoxing is meant to jump start your system and give you a clean start! Some effects are below......

There are many different programs out there, if you go to your local GNC or Vitamin World you will see different powders, pills and kits for detoxing. Personally I don't have any experience with those, so I don't know how effective they are (if you do feel free to comment).

There are easy ways to detox at home with natural ingredients and practices. A common detox is the juicing.... literally you drink liquid for three days straight. Remember that you are cleaning your system so no alcohol, cigarettes or coffee!

On your juicing detox diet you will need to constantly drink fluids. To supplement your juice try drinking coconut water (it is soooo good for you! Mix it in with your juice if you want to experiment with taste), oolong/green tea (decaf) and of course water (drink water with a little lemon it helps in the detox process). You can spice it up by making any of these juices a smoothie, feel free to add a little honey or flax seed. Try to use organic veggies and fruit when possible or make sure you wash your veggies very well because you are juicing everything with the skin/rind. I constantly refer back to this, here is my when to buy organic info!

Another interesting way to help expel toxins is dry brush your body. You can use body brushes, exfoliating gloves or mix up your own exfoliating rub.

During detox you can still work out but you will want to take it easy. When you are done with your detox slowly ease back into solid foods especially refined sugars, saturated fats and complex carbs. You don't have to juice detox, there are plenty of detox programs that include solid foods. Reasons for juicing versus other detox programs are juice packs lots of nutrients/antioxidants in a smaller dose, it is easily digestible and gives your organs a hypothetical break from processing normal fare.


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