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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest Book Alternatives

by: Ashley

I try not to talk about weddings too much on here because there are so many more qualified people out there with AMAZING wedding blogs.  But I desperately need some advice!  I've been very decisive on everything else (venue, colors, dress, flowers, photographer, etc.) but I'm stuck on what type of guest book I should do.

There's the traditional one like this one from Daisyblu (Etsy). It's beautiful but I can't see myself going back in 10 years to look at signatures. So this would most likely just collect dust on a shelf somewhere. 

I could create a photobook with our engagement pictures and leave blank pages for signatures and messages from our guests.  This idea reminds me of a yearbook. Also, I'm afraid that the signatures would get smeared as people turn the pages or rub their hands along it. 
Image found on Boho Wedding Blog (source: McKinley-Rodgers)

Also from the Boho Wedding Blog I really like the concept of "Make a wish, take a wish."  Any ideas as to what you would write on the wishes you are giving to your guests? Would they just be thank you notes? Or would they be fortune cookies? Should they be funny or sentimental? I mostly like how "clean" this looks and it would fit right in with my decor. 

I found this "20 Questions Guest Books" from Martha Stewart Weddings. I love the idea of asking guests specific questions.  How great would it be to read these answers again and again over the years?! But I'm afraid that my guests wouldn't want to take time away from the party to write in these.  Have you guys ever seen this done at a wedding? Would you take the time to write answers?

Along the same line as the one above, is to have a small book on every table and asks guest to write something for us to open on the anniversary of that table number.  So if they are sitting at table 5, we will read that book on our 5th anniversary. The only problem is that I won't be able to go look at the signatures right away to see who all was at the wedding. 

I love the look of these envelopes.  Afterwards I could put all of the notes into a scrapbook? 
From Ruffled Blog (photo by Meg Ruth Photography)

I could also have a sheet for everyone to fill out like the ones below (found on Bridal Guide).  But our wedding is in a very elegant ballroom and I feel like these would be better for more casual weddings.  Your thoughts?

Ok so I think I'm leaning towards the "anniversary" books or the "Make a wish, take a wish" but I want input from you guys.  As past brides, what did you go with or what do you wish you went with?  As guests at weddings, are you opposed to any of these? Would you be excited to see any of these at a wedding you were invited to?  Do you guys have other ideas that would fit a ballroom wedding atmosphere? 

Pretty please (with a cherry on top) help me decide!! 


  1. Love the "Make a Wish, Take a Wish" idea!! I may have to steal that one! ;)
    It's different and I've never seen it done before. I would have a mixture of funny and sentimental "wishes", fortune cookie style. Then you could definitely make a crafty scrapbook and read through them again over your anniversarys. Maybe even frame or shadow-box the best one. (Haha, you could frame it over your bed a-la-Grey's post-it style).

    I guess I'm combining it with the "anniversary books" idea, but my concern with that one is that there's opportunity for guests (or servers) to spill drinks or food at the dinner tables. We would like to think that everyone could keep it classy, but, accidents happen. Something to consider.. how many guests per table? Some have 6, some 10. If it's a lower number, I'd find it hard to wait until my 8th anniversary to finally read the book, only to find that 4 out of 6 actually signed it and left some lackluster messages. I guess my preferences boil down to impatience, hee hee.. The "Make a Wish" option makes for a beautiful display. Ultimately, they are all such cute ideas! What does Glenny think? I wonder what feedback you'd get from a guy's perspective, or if they'd just be indifferent :)

  2. He acts interested for about 2 minutes until I start getting into the details... then I see the eyes glaze over!!! The only part about the reception that I can really get him to focus on is the music. Oh and anything food related.

    You've brought up really good points about the anniversary books. I would be so sad if I waited 10 years just to see a simple "congrats" from two people. :(