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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kitchen Table Make-Over Part I

by: Ashley

This is as much a post about a kitchen table DIY as it is about saving money.  My honey got our kitchen table from some friends. They were buying all new furniture for their house so gave us a great price.  Well the furniture served it's purpose in that it provided us a table to eat on... but it wasn't quite my style.  So instead of going out and spending $900 on the table I wanted from World Market, I decided to take on a project: re-staining and re-upholstering the table and chairs. 

Today's post is just about the re-upholstering part - and it was so easy! 

1. Unscrew the seat from the chair frame. 
2. Use the seat to measure fabric squares. I bought 6 yards of fabric (1 yard per seat) and had a little extra I hope to make a table runner out of. 
3. If the staples are too difficult to take out from the previous fabric cover - just don't take them out! :) We just covered over the old fabric.  The only think you have to worry about is the corners being too thick (might make the seat uneven on the chair frame)
4. Fold the fabric over (with the seat facing down) and start stapling. We started on the front of the seat. 
5. Now do opposite side from where you started. 
6. Now do the last two sides of the fabric. Make sure to pull it pretty tight. 
7. On the corners, watch that the creases don't show when the chair is up right.  Trim off the extra fabric. 

This is a really easy project and changes the whole look of the table! Be on the lookout for Kitchen Table Make-over Part II for my tips (and horror story) about re-staining. 

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