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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Gutenberg

By: Danie

It seems like everyone has some sort of e-reader or tablet these days, myself and Ashley included. We actually use ours for reading purposes, however it is nice to have the option to watch movies and play games .When I first got my Nook I was buying books left and right, just loading it up... not thinking of the fact that it will probably take me FOREVER to read all of them. Oh, the details!

One of my goals was to re-read classics that I didn't fully appreciate when I was in high school and college. Well it turns out that the copyright on most of these books has expired and free digital copies are available from Project Gutenberg. There are over 38,000 epub files, kindle files and even audio book files. No fee or registration is required but they do ask that you donate to keep the cause going or donate your time by recording audio books, reporting errors and digitizing more books. Your donation is tax deductible.

How amazing is that, to use your e-readers and tablets to access free books?! I think it would be cool to start a book club and utilize the Project Gutenberg and fun. Well free-ish and fun :) You can also borrow digital books from your local library and with some tablets you are able to share books.


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