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Friday, February 17, 2012

Fitness Friday - Need Motivation

by: Ashley

We try to talk about fitness on Fridays to give everyone a little motivation for this weekend.  But to be completely honest with you - I'm the one that needs motivation.

Where do you guys go to find inspiration?

What I'm really dealing with right now is that I'm so tired after work that I find it too easy to just "skip" the gym.  It was easier when my honey and I were going to the gym together, but our schedules don't allow that anymore during the week.  So now there is no one depending on me to go... no one but myself I mean.

I'm not really sure how to get over this apathetic-towards-the-gym attitude that I have going on :(

I'm pretty sure that I need to start going in the morning.  I'm just drained by the end of the work day.  But if I'm going to be getting up an hour and a half earlier to work out, I'd better follow these tips for waking up more refreshed.

- Avoid caffeine after lunch time
- Resolve anything that's going to keep those wheels in my head spinning (meditation could help clear my head)
- Eat dinner early so I have time to digest (3 to 4 hours before I go to bed)

Anyone have good advice for getting up earlier to get your workout in?

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