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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Converse All Star High Tops: The Mini Edition

By: Danie

Tuesday shoesday is here! My inspiration for this Tuesday is my son, it just so happens that he is starting to stand on his own and we all know that leads to some walking. I meant to go to the store this weekend to get him some shoes but I took a nap instead - My first one in 8 months! My {future} sister in law told me that I needed to get him a good pair of shoes for when he is learning- she had always purchased the white ones with the ankle support and grippy's on the bottom of the shoe for her kids.

Fast forward to Monday {BLAH} ... I come home and we are getting ready to go for a run when I see there is a package AND it has my name on it {OMG OMG OMG..} yeah, I like getting stuff in the mail! After ripping the poor package to shreds, there is another box with ribbons- I proceed to open it. Well look what I found inside........
 There was of course a super cute outfit with it but I digress. How often does it happen that you need something and it shoes up in the mail!?! How amazing is my telepathic Aunt!! These shoes are sooo cute- Mikey has ankle support, they have grippies on the bottom... they are the trendy version to the old school white booties.

He sure looks cute in those mini converse high tops!
The best part is that I have them in my size also :)

Happy Tuesday!

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