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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gifting For the One You LOVE

By: Danie

So I have been having a hard time getting inspired lately {I need to stop neglecting my Pinterest account :P}. So there is a little time left to get out there and get something for your hunny. Here are a few ideas for him!

In my search for unique gifts for him I found this awesome website called, I am not sure why I suddenly started receiving emails from them but I found these keepsake tie and collar stays. The tie comes with a heart that can be personalized with your name and it also has a cute saying, the pocket on the back is for leaving love notes... ooo lala. The collar stays have cute little messages well the PG version is cute there is an xrated version also! Whoa. lol

If you haven't checked out snapfish I suggest that you do it now! This website has helped me create some amazing gifts for family and friends. This year I was thinking of making my fiance a photo book with old photos and of course new ones of our little mini us :)

You all MUST be wondering what in the world is the picture of a half naked lady for? Well, I had heard people talk about boudoir photo shoots and it looks like it would be a ton of fun and it would most definately knock your hunnys socks off. Boudoir photos are tasteful photos of you in elegant yet provocative poses. This isn't on my list of things to do this year, I am going the cute route but I would love to do this at some point just to shock him because he would be soooo shocked! If you would like to find a place near you enter boudoir photo shoots and the name of your city in any search engine and options should pop up.

Just a few ideas to get the gears going!!
Happy Wednesday

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