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Friday, January 27, 2012

Those Silly Last Ten Pounds!!!

By: Danie

Friday is shaping up to be an interesting one!!! Florence & The Machine tickets went on sale this morning and what kind of crazy stalker fan would I be if I didn't go?? I love Flo and her Machine!

This week has been exhausting... I can't imagine doing more than lounging in my PJs all weekend, unfortunately that is not going to happen :( I need to get my running in for the rest of the week.

Booo.... I mean, YAY losing weight is awesome!

Anyway, I am nowhere near the point of my last ten pounds.... I've got a couple more than ten I need to take care of. However, if you are on your last ten maybe some of these tips will help you!

1. Decrease the pesticides in your system, they are endocrine disrupters and can affect the hormonal balance in your body. See my post from Monday to know when to buy Organic.

2. Reduce BPAs and phthalates in your system, these synthetic chemicals mimic estrogen in your system. The presence of estrogen tricks your body into storing fat. So how do we fix this??
  • Stop heating your food up in plastic containers (I have really put a stop to this over the past few months, I still carry my food in plastic but I bring paper plates to heat up the food. At home we use glass pyrex)
  • Fatty foods leach the chemicals from the PVC plastic wrap in the grocery store so decrease your intake of fatty meats wrapped in plastic (Maybe see if there is a local butcher where you can get your meats... wrapped in good ol' fashion wax paper!)
  • Cans also have BPA in them :( Sad day some of my favorite quick meals include cans...
3. Use filtered water, I had mentioned endocrine disrupter's before and the pollutants in our tap water can expose us to these. That is why it is important to use filtered water for drinking and cooking!

4. Reduce your stress level. I know that is next to impossible for some with demanding jobs and families but it does take a toll on your body. Cortisol hormone increases as your stress increases which is a bummer because cortisol also affects the amount of fat in your midsection. Taking up a stress free yoga class once a week might be the ticket!!

Cheers to a Happy Friday!! 

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