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Friday, January 13, 2012

Run Danie Run: A Beginners Guide to Running

By: Danie

Running in theory is simple...

Step 1. Put running shoes on.
Step 2. Step Outside.
Step 3. Run.....

So easy it is mind boggling why it has taken me 7 months to even attempt it lol. My excuse was that I was 9 months pregnant 7 months ago, it was awesome. Now it is time to get down to business! My son is jogging stroller age appropriate (you have to be 6 months or older for those, who knew?!), I purchased new running shoes (my feet are a little bigger than they were pre pregnancy :( ) and well, I don't have an excuse any more.

Yes, I have done my fair share of running so I am not a complete "noob" BUT it's been so long I am going to pretend I have no clue what I am doing (lol pretend! Who am I kidding?). The schedule below seems like it would work universally for anyone in O.K. shape, however slow and steady wins the race if you have to start out doing 15 minute runs that works just fine also (alternate training plan at From Couch to 5K). As long as you get out there and do it you're doing well. Consistency is key with running!


Since I am genuinely treating this as a new experience I am going to focus on my "form." A lot of emphasis has been put on how you run over the past few years, i.e. are you a heel striker (land with your heel first) or midfoot striker (also called the Pose Method). I KNOW that I am a heel striker and I think that is why I don;t enjoy running as much as I could. Using the Pose Method is supposed to help you run more efficiently and decrease possibility of injury. I truly believe that a good foundation is also going to be key in making running enjoyable!

Keep a Training Log!!!!
It doesn't have to be anything extravagant it can be a simple note book to keep track of how you are doing with your training plan. Or you can get high tech and log your running online at Runners World or Active Trainer

As you progress you can log your miles and over time notice improvements! You can also ensure that you are truely pacing yourself. Once you have made it to the big time, you can use the log to to work on your time. Logging would be more of a motivational tool for me but I think that is important to be able to see and track your progress (maybe even track weight loss??).

You have to admit the best part about running (other than weight loss and sense of personal acheivement).... ok the third best part about running is all the cool stuff! I just put a few things there is so much more hydration belts, shoes, camel baks... above are just a few things that I thought were cool!

  • Polar heart rate monitor because it is always important to track your heart rate and know if you are working at your potential. It is a really great way to pinpoint if you are burning fat or working on cardio. Print your own chart for reference! 
  • No that is not a tennis skirt, that is a running skirt! It is all the fad and to be honest I used to run in my tennis skirts all the time it was way more comfortable because you have the tights under so your thighs don't rub and your shorts dont bunch.
  • Nike+iPod Sensor is marketed like your own personal trainer but I just think its a great way to log without having to physically do it. You just get home sync your computer and BAM done :) You can also manage your running music. Check out for FREE running mixes!
  • Compression socks, you see a lot of people wearing them but you arent wuite sure why?? Well I was curious (even more so when I saw these cute ones).... I will give you the "compressed" version of my research. It helps with blood flow (decreses blood pooling in the legs) and decreses the muscle vibration (i.e. less soreness).
Looks like its time for me to RUN DANIE RUN!!!!

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