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Thursday, December 15, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day #15 White Elephant

by: Ashley

I know you don't need a reminder (because I certainly don't) but I'm going to say it anyway :)


Many of you probably have Christmas parties and lunches with different groups of friends or co-workers.  One of my favorite Holiday traditions is the White Elephant gift exchange.  There are different ways to play this game and the only constant is that there is a price limit set.  But sometimes the organizers encourage gag gifts, and other times they want you to bring gifts that are actually wanted.

It's hard enough to find a gift for the people we know and love... and now we have to buy a gift without even knowing who is going to receive it??? CRAZY IDEA huh? But that's the fun part!!!

Here are some ideas random but useful gifts I found from

If your White Elephant party encourages GAG gifts you should check this next set out.  The first two items are from and the second two are from - all of the gifts below are under $20. 

I think that bacon frosting would literally make me gag - but I had to include it.  This has been the YEAR of BACON-FLAVORED EVERYTHING

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