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Saturday, December 24, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day #24 Last Minute Gifting!!

By: Danie

So the big day is almost here!!! I said the same thing to Mike last year, "We aren't doing this to ourselves again next year" we were doing last minute shopping at the mall! It was total brain damage, the lines were insane and it's just too busy.

My idea and I promise I am doing it this year. I am going to keep a little journal with everyone that I need to purchase for or get a little gift and through the year just write down things they mention they need or like.... and throughout the year try and buy the gifts and put them in a box until Christmas. We are dying to enjoy the holidays :)

So some last minute gift ideas?!? Yes, please!

-Subscription for __________ (They have everything you could imagine)
-Coffee Table Books
-Decoupaged picture to canvas (It is super easy for a finished gift)
-Gift Cards
-Gift Basket of some of that persons favorite things

This year we were not really sure what to get for my dad. Really the only think he is interested in is his grandson so I am putting a great picture of the two of them in a frame as one of his gifts. This year we are doing a lot of travelling so we are trying to keep it simple.

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