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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day #22 Cookie Cutter Ornaments

by: Ashley

So tonight's the big night... well not the BIG night but it's the big night of my ENGAGEMENT party! I'm so excited but at the same time there is so much to do!!

Which makes it totally awesome that I discovered this super easy project - it only took 10 minutes to do two of these.

Typically an ornament from the store cost anywhere between $5 and $15 (and of course there are some way more expensive).  Well I got a canister of cookier cutters for $5 and a set of 5 different ribbons for $5. So that's just $10 for the possibility of several different ornaments.  Oh and don't forget the double stick tape - it's so much easier to work with than glue.

I have about 10 more cookie cutters so I definitely plan on making more of these bad boys!!! They are just too easy to not absolutely love them.

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