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Sunday, December 18, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day #18 Gifting for the NFL Fans

By: Danie

This year I have not really stressed myself about gifts. My stress has been focused mainly on my twin nephews!! They are those kids that pretty much have everything they could want or need. However they are two of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. In my eyes Christmas is for the kids and I wanted to make it extra special to let them know that I know that they love basball cards and I really have been paying attention!!

Tweens are at an odd age where they are just now embracing who they are and what they like. Thankfully my nephews have a one tracked mind .... SPORTS! I think I came up with some good stuff check it out!

NFL Follies {A blooper real for the NFL - 60 yrs}

Blanket  {Hand made by me, made with new england patriots fabric}
Click the link for instructions

NFL M&Ms!!
OMG how awesome would this be in their stockings!

Since I have to get two of whatever I get I thought that the blankey would be awesome gifts!! Not only do they watch sports but they also play and on cold late nights out on the field I think this will come in handy. I made one for my son to cover his car seat and it is aweomse and warm!


  1. Very cool! My Bf loves football. Where did you find the M&M's?

  2. Hey Martha! I found them online here BUT I have seen them before at the candy store at the mall!