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Friday, December 16, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day #16 Stockings Stockings Stockings!!

By: Danie

BAAAH HAHAH ... I literally think of this song everytime someone says "Friday."
OK, sooo congrats we all made it to "Friday Friday."
I'll stop now :)

Not sure why but I have had stockings on the brain!! Getting into the holiday spirit was not too difficult this year, I actually got the tree out myself! So after decorating I felt like something was missing. Well because something was missing....STOCKINGS!?! I have a legit fireplace this year so there is no reason not to have some 2-legit-2-quit stockings! I did some digging and came up with some great stocking ideas.

The Not-So Traditional

Traditional Red & Green

There are so many creative stocking ideas out there, its AH MAY ZING! I have seen ice skate stockings, ballet stockings, boot stockings.. the list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless too, you can spice up the front door with a stocking instead of a wreath. You could decorate your staircase or another part of your home. It doesnt just have to be the fireplace :O

Even if you aren't that crafty you can purchase cheapy stockings and decorate them with ribbon, puff paint, glitter, felt balls or buttons. If you want it to look more finished you can get them embroidered at your local embroidery store (sometimes people have kiosks at the mall and they can personalize items in 30 minutes or less).

I was a tad inspired by all this stocking talk to make a cute little stocking for my puppy dog, Jimmy!! My final product is not finished but I used felt, fabric tac and puff paint to create a personalized bone shaped stocking :) I am really contemplating making a huge stocking for my front door..... lol I may be going a little overboard.
Now what to put in those darn stockings?!

I think everyone will agree that "Stockings Stockings Stockings" was an appropriate title!

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