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Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day #5 Holiday Party Dresses

by: Ashley

I am so EXCITED!!! Because I FINALLY got an engagement party dress.  It's not at all what I was looking for but I am going to totally rock it because it is HOT and from one of my favorite stores!

Oh and you may be asking how this fits into our 25 days of Christmas posts... well take this as inspiration for your own Holiday parties!

Before I reveal this dress, check out my inspiration.

I thought I was going to go with a gold dress, and I absolutely loved these:
These are all pinned on my Pinterest board.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any gold dresses like these that I could actually afford.  And I bought my honey a black and purple dress shirt so a black dress would coordinate better.  Here's my inspiration for black dresses.
Check out the Pinterest board for these dresses.

So I went shopping for my dress and after trying out the department stores (Macy's and Dillards), I decided it was time to go to old faithful Francesca's Collection.  I can't find a picture online so I guess you guys will have to wait until I show it off in a few weeks!!!!  But I'll give you a hint... it's very similar to the third one above. Now just to find some shoes to go with it!

Happy Holidays!! and hope you enjoy your parties :)

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