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Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day #9 Gift Ideas for Grandmas

By: Danie

You don't really realize how enamored your parents will be with your child until you actually see it. My mom has never seemed like a kid person, even when I was a kid. She was never the one to run up to babies in the grocery store and ooo and ahhh over them. She enjoys quiet and watching MSNBC.

You can only imagine my surprise when my son was born and my mother couldn't get enough of him?! Yes, there was baby talk, lots of baby sitting... It was a whole new side of my mom. I would say the same is true of my fiance's mom. She seriously asked us if we wanted her to move to Texas, no joke... She refers to her grandson as the "sweet baby angel sent down from heaven."

How do you show your appreciation to these women that love your child as much as you do? "Wellst, obviously" there is no gift that can hold a candle to their grandbaby but we can try.......

For birthday's I will be giving the grammys a charm from planet jill. They are really great quality and it looks great. Ashley's mom has two in different shapes of her grandkids and its an eye catcher.

The clutch and bag were actually my mother in law's idea. We went to my soon to be sister in laws thirty one party and she got a clutch with all her grandbabys. It is really neat you can choose hair, skin tone, hair color and clothes.

My favorite is the footprint pendant, it's so precious. I love looking at photos of my sons feet so to have his little tootsies on you at all times, who wouldn't love that?

Initially my idea for the wrapped canvas wasn't just to give your mom the canvas with a cute photo of the baby, really it was to set up a photo shoot with just the grandparents and give them the photo on canvas for christmas. A lot of times the grandparents are behind the lens so giving them the opportunity to have photos of just them and their grandchildren is so special and something everyone can cherish.

...OR you could just give them another grandbaby, just sayin'

Happy Friday :)


  1. I just saw the CUTEST Grandma gift idea at work today. One co-worker gifted another co-worker a basket with cooking making supplies in she can bake cookies with her grandchildren!!! SO CUTE!!

  2. I love that Rachel!!!! I am stealing it for next year :)