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Friday, November 18, 2011

Always Say I Love You

by Ashley

Today's post was supposed to be a fitness post, but my heart is off somewhere else and I need to talk about it.  A close friend of mine received a call today that we all dread.  The call was from her mom, her dad is in the hospital with serious injuries.  Hearing this brought back so many memories.  I was the one receiving this call over two years ago at 4:30 in the morning.  Anytime someone calls that time in the morning it's not going to be good news.  I'm sorry I couldn't bring you a happier post today but this is important to me to say.

Please don't ever put off or procrastinate spending time with family.  The year my dad passed away we took family photos, which we hadn't done since I was in high school.  Those are now photos that we treasure.  My family also took a vacation to the Ozarks, which I missed out on due to my work schedule.  I should have tried harder to make it.  That's a memory they cherish of dad that I will never have.  The week before he passed away, I went to Miami with him. It was just a father-daughter trip and looking back I would have hated myself if I missed out on that too.  So don't make excuses about why you can't hang out with family.  There are some memories you can never get back. 
From "Be Happy, Love Life"

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss my dad.  And it gets harder thinking about all the things he won't be here for. Like watching my little brother graduate and walk the stage.  Or giving me away at my wedding.  Or meeting all of his future grand-babies. 
  From "Dates to Diapers"

All I want is to see my dad again just to let him know how much I love him, and I hope that as he looks down on me from Heaven he is proud of the woman I have become. 

So, please don't hesitate to tell your parents, siblings, or friends how much you love them and cherish each memory that comes along. 

And please keep your thoughts and prayers with my friend and her dad.

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  1. I love you so much and have honestly never met anyone as strong as you. I'm here for you always and anytime no matter what, even though I live 3 hours away. I know it took alot for you to write this. I will keep your friend in my prayers.