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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Holiday Wreaths

Thanksgiving is in a week, Christmas is right around the corner and my front door looks so bare and sad..  We took a little time out this weekend to make a wreath to jazz up that door! With all the home made wreaths and easy wreath how tos on Pinterest it just seemed like a must do this year. Enjoy our little tutorials!

Winter Wonderland Wreath

First you will need to gather supplies- wreath, yarn, fabric tac, glue gun, felt, cardboard
{A few little tips I got my wreath from the goodwill for $2 and we used a cereal box for the cardboard}

Unfortunately, this part takes the most time- it took me an hour and a half {my wreath is pretty large though}. Also if you want your wreath to be thicker you have to wrap a lot more or put batting around it.

For the flower I chose to do something a little more intricate because I only wanted to do a couple flowers. You can find the instructional here. Really it wasn't that hard once I got the hang of it and the end result is really worth it, for a more finished look I used buttons in the middle of my flowers.

Blue Dahlia Wreath
{Of course I didn't have any way to put it up on the door but I'll figure that out later}

Fantastically Fall Wreath
Here's another variation on a wreath.  Supplies are similar: 1 pound of yarn, 5 sheets of Felt (the pre-cut sheets at the craft store), Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, and a Straw Wreath with the Plastic Wrap still in tact.
1. It helped to roll the yarn into a ball. This adds extra time but made it easier to wrap the wreath. Wrapping the wreath took HOURS but it was worth it. There's a learning curve to figuring out the most comfortable way to hold it. You want the yarn to be very tight and to not show any gaps.

2. After the wreath is wrapped, you can create the flowers. They only took me about an hour. I cut 14 (4 inch) red circles and 10 (4 inch) orange circles. I cut 3 (2 inch) brown circles (these were the base of the flower). I used an OLFA tool to cut the felt (made it so easy!).

3. To make the petals, fold the circle in half and then in threes to create an "S" shape. Hold glue the insides of the petals together at the corner.

4. Glue the petals down onto the brown base.

5. Glue the base of the flower onto the wreath. And that's it! I took me about 3 days (not continuously working) to complete this.

I love that how the looks of the wreath changes with either the type of flower you create or the colors you use.  I think this would be great for any holiday and not just the winter holidays - just think of the AWESOMENESS you could create for Easter or 4th of July.

If you want more detail on the flowers, I found The Fickle Pickle blog had a very helpful tutorial.  Instead of the button in the middle though, I just added two petals of the opposite color.  I hot glued the points of the flowers together to give them that round shape. I'm thinking of adding more flowers all the way around the edge or some type of embellishment around them to make them really stand out.  

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