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Thursday, November 3, 2011

H&M, where TRENDY meets ADORABLE

by Ashley

You know what today is? Well... for those of you in the Dallas area you know it's the day that H&M opens in Willow Bend. And even if you're not in Dallas, H&Ms are opening up ALL OVER! They are taking over, and I ain't mad at them. (Yes I say ain't.)  Where else can does trendy meet adorable in a YOWZA kinda way...

Well H&M is nothing new but there may be four collections you aren't aware of:

1. The Versace collection!! Some pieces are a little too out there for me but here are a couple pieces I adore:

2. Kids collection so you can keep your little one's stylish too:
3. A collection for mama's to be:

4. A cosmetics collection:
Cosmetics at H&M

I love it all... and better yet - I LOVE that it's all within my budget!

All images are from H&

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