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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Dapper Little Darling

By: Danie

With it being the holidays I decided to get crafty and make something for everyone. It seemed like a piece of cake when I was searching on pinterest for some ideas {everything looks so easy on pinterest though}. Being a beginner sewer I also had the tiny obstacle of learning how to sew... who better to be my model than little baby Mikey :) Well before my little peanut was born I realized all the cute stuff was for girls and that is a bummer, occasionally I will see something awesome for a little boy but really your choices are limited {especially if you are working with a budget}. This worked out ok for me because I needed to practice my sewing skills and I really wanted to make some cute outfits for the little dude.

My first project was the bow tie- something simple and cute. It was boarderline excessive the way I scoured the internet for an awesome bow tie BUT I found it! The tutorial I found is from Shwin & Shwin, two amazing sisters that are sewing geniuses. So amazing that I follow them by email... I can count on one finger how many blogs I follow by email. Without further ado, my dapper son......

This was such an easy and quick way to make a great outfit and it would be a fabulous one of a kind gift for a baby shower. I used items that I had on hand, old shirt, felt and plain onesie. The brown is the felt, I thought that the stiff fabric would hold up a little better.

A few tips if you are going to attempt this- multiple layers of felt gets hard to sew so keep that in mind and I also suggest hot glueing the bowtie to a bar pin this will give you the freedom to put it on different onesies {babies grow like weeeds} and not have to throw it in the washer.

Keep an eye out for some more awesome baby boy outfits!

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