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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Designer Burp Cloths

By: Danie

Happy Hump Day! Well it would be a lot happier if my son would let me sleep more, good thing he is so cute :) I cant take all the credit for this next DIY, some must be given to Ashely's mom and sister. They had given me the cutest burp cloths for my baby shower and to my surprise I found out they had actually made them!

Small disclaimer you have to have a sewing machine for this easy project. Good news is that sewing isn't as hard as it looks! I got my sewing machine LITERALLY the day before I had made these, we got a cheapy $70 brother machine. Other than a tiny plastic machine I had when I was 7, I had no experience sewing- as in zilch, zero, nada.

Sewing Machine
Fabric {I used fleece, my son likes to snuggle with the burp cloths}
Burp Cloths {Gerber or Carters}

First you will need to cut the fabric to fit the center of the cloth, leave a extra 1/4 inch all the way around so that you can fold it over for a more finished look. You will also need to pin the fabric to the cloth before you start sewing.

Then you will need to sew your fabric onto the burp cloth, this will take all of five minutes. Just make sure that you are sewing where you pinned down your 1/4 inch flap.

You are donesky.

Personalizing your children's stuff helps you keep track of their stuff! Slowly but surely I am getting a hang of this mommy business. Really this is an awesome project because you can have so much fun with it...dye the burp cloth, sew fabric or ribbon around the edges? These are awesome gifts for a baby shower {mine actually decorated my diaper cake}.

Ashley's sister made the one on the left, I made the ones to the right of that.

This really is an amazingly quick way to say bye bye to those boring white burp cloths. {So quick I went through the whole process again to refresh my memory and it took all of 15 minutes}.

You can doooo eet!!

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