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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Day Threads

By: Danie

The day of giving thanks is upon us and some are worrying about what to cook and others what to wear. Well I am making that delish pumpkin cheesecake concoction that Ashley posted about on Monday! So really I am just concerned about what fabulous stretchy outfit I am going to wear on Thursday. I needed something that was going to be somewhat warm {it's brrrrrry cold here, in the 50s right now- please dont judge I grew up in beautiful WARM Jamiaca}. I also needed something that was going to take me from dinner to shopping! This will be my first year out in the middle of the night shopping!?! No I didn't hit my little head on the pavement..... or did I? My love has kindly agreed to head out with me to buy a few electronics that I have been holding off on all year and we get to enjoy each others company.

Turkey Day Threads

Those Jessica Simpson boots totally inspired me, they are so trendy and affordable. They caught my eye this weekend at the mall and they have been on my mind ever since. Can you tell I'm in love??

Have an amazing Tuesday Shoesday!!

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