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Monday, November 14, 2011

Healthy Living

by: Ashley

Since we started this blog, this is the first time I've taken the lead on the "Healthy Living" post and I am nervous because I'm not really sure what to write.  I'm not exactly obsessed with "organic" or "natural" but over the past few months I've taken baby steps.  I try not to eat out as often (left overs make AWESOME lunches) and I read the ingredients in my processed foods to try to find the ones with stuff I can actually pronounce.  Maybe this blog can help me journalize my path towards healthy living - so let's start from with the basics.
I'm pretty good on the exercise, I hit the gym, run, or cycle at least three times a week.  Depending on my goals at the time, I may exercise more vigorously than other times, but with my wedding coming up in 7 months, I will definitely be hitting that gym more frequently (but that is for a whole other post!).

The "Eating Better" could use some work.  I stumbled upon a pretty awesome blog that I want to incorporate into my diet. It's called "Oh She Glows" and it's a vegan recipe blog.  I was really surprised that a lot of the vegan recipes actually appealed to my taste buds. Like this one below:

Now those of you who know me, know that I'm not giving up meat. But it won't hurt to throw in some new dishes or side dishes that have a healthy kick to them.

The last two items work together and also feed off of working out and eating right.  When I have a really good week in the gym, I feel like a rockstar at work and socially.

With the holidays coming up - it's probably a great time to think about eating healthy and ramping up the workouts. Why wait until the New Year's? While everyone else is just getting started on January 1 I'll already be rokin' a hot body in 2012 :)

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