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Friday, November 11, 2011

Running on Love

by: Ashley

Woo Hoo - It's MARATHON weekend!!! My friends in San Antonio are carb loading and resting those legs to get ready for Sunday's 13.1 or 26.2 mile run! (Rock 'n Roll San Antonio) When I was brainstorming about what I could write the Friday before the marathon, I thought about providing inspirational words, or ideas about what to eat the days before, or my own experiences training for and running the half marathon.

But something totally amazing happened and I have to share! So I'm going to turn the pages a little bit and talk to you about my one of my best friends.  We met freshman year of college.  When I met her, she was in a lot of pain - her mom died from breast cancer just a few years prior.  Losing a parent hurts, no matter what age you are. It makes you question things. It makes you angry. It makes you sad. You feel incomplete like there is literally a hole in your heart.  The pain was still fresh in her.  The pain doesn't go away, and I won't even say than it lessens, but those sharp edges become a little more dull, and the pain becomes something you can live with.  And the one thing that helps the most is having a strong circle of friends and family to lean on, to talk and cry with, and most of all to give you something to smile and laugh about.

My friend met her now husband in college as well and they started dating sophomore year.  As with any couple, they've had their ups and downs.  But no one would doubt their love for a second.  Part of their struggle in the beginning of their relationship was a result of the pain and hurt that my friend was still dealing with concerning the loss of her mom.  She had walls put up all around her and he was trying his best to get behind them.  And it wasn't always the easiest task, but in the end love won, and they ended up together.  I said it at their wedding and I'll say it again, they are the true example that when something is meant to happen, it will.  But I digress - I just wanted you to understand the beautiful relationship and why I was so touched by what my friend's hubby did for her. 

He never knew her mom. But he knows that she must have been an amazing woman because he can see it in his wife.  So he surprised his wife with something so touching that I got goosebumps and started tearing up when she told me. This Sunday when he runs the 1/2 marathon he will be running in honor of his wife's mom.  And not only will he be doing this in spirit, but he made a custom bib. I didn't even know that  you could do this!  And I just couldn't get over how sweet of a husband he is! So of course I had to get the information so I could share it with you guys.  The website is :

HonorBibs are customized back bibs made out of Tyvek® or seed paper to honor those you love and make a difference in this world. At least 10% of each HonorBib sold is donated to charity.

Each HonorBib only costs $10 - and better yet, at least 10% of the proceeds go to charity! I am so excited about this.

HonorBibs can be keepsakes in a frame or scrapbook, pinned to the back of a shirt, worn on a race belt, taped to a mirror for inspiration and planted in the ground to grow wildflowers*.

I lost my dad about two years ago, and being able to make a keepsake bib makes me want to run another half marathon... or maybe even a full. Because running for the man that made me who I am today would certainly help me get through 26.2 miles of pain!

If you are looking for inspiration to run a marathon check out HonorBib - what better reason to test your strength over 26 miles then to do for love and in memory of someone that meant something to you, someone who you wish could be there to see you cross the finish line. 

P.S. Happy Veterans Day!! My life has been touched by many who risk their lives to give us our freedom. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

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